life is good
in kbely

Project Bydlení Kbeličky is located on the border of Kbely and Letňany, which means you will be able to enjoy the benefits of both districts. You can take a walk in the nearby Letňany Forest Park, Central Park Kbely or Klíčov Garden, or you can hop on your bike and make a ride on a cycling path.

There are various shopping centres, restaurants, sport facilities, kindergartens, elementary schools, medical care, and everything for an easy life. A special electro bus line, which will bring you from Kbeličky to nearby metro station C Letňany in a minute, is being prepared. And from Letňany you can easily reach the centre of Prague in 15 minutes. Not far from the project are bus stops and train station Praha Kbely.

15 minutes to Florenc

5 minutes to subway

2 minutes to nature

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